Our Top 10 Travel Must Haves Traveling on our own or as a family, we ALWAYS pack these

Collectively, Johnny and I are traveling the majority of the year. And as full-time travel filmmakers, we’ve tried our share of travel products and we’ve boiled it down to the top ten travel products that have become total necessities. You’re welcome.

Osprey Carry-on. When it comes to packing, I am pretty particular. I have tried sooooo many bags, and find them to be too big, too small, not enough pockets, too many pockets (just kidding, there’s no such thing). I am hooked on these Osprey bags. They are the perfect carry-on size, with an attachable daypack for anything (hiking, diaper bag, beach essentials–you name it). They come with the option to be worn as a backpack, which is pretty awesome if you’re traveling somewhere with difficult terrain, but they roll soooooo smoothly too. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, they make one that does not come with the daypack but is just as quality and useful, check it out here. They have so many freaking pockets I could cry. Pockets are my favorite.  Seriously, if you’re looking for a carry-on, these are sturdy, versatile, and not so pretty that you’re afraid to use them, ya know? Buy here: Osprey Carry On with backpack or the Osprey Carryon without backpack.

Packing cubes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, packing cubes will change your travel existence forever. Not only do they keep everything organized and easy to find/access, they also compress everything down a bit so you can fit everything you need, without a bigger bag. I use these for both my and Johnny’s stuff, but also to pack the boys, I roll each of their outfits, and they have a specific color packing cube that I know is there, so that when we arrive it is easy to snatch whatever we need. These Eagle Creek ones are my favorite because they have a mesh top so you can see what is inside right away. Buy here: Eagle Creek Packing Cubes.

Backpack. If you’re a frequent traveler, you’re going to need a good backpack, and in my opinon, it’s best if that backpack can be used as your commuter bag as well (i’m all about all-in-one finds.) The Peak Design Everyday Backpack is unreal. Full disclosure, I’ve done commercial work for them in the past, but that should just help you understand how much I love them. I’ve officially tried 5 different camera bags, FIVE. I hated every single one. Peak Design’s bags are the smartest design I have ever seen. Multiple compartments, pockets, a super protected lap-top space, the ability to adjust any of the compartments to your specific needs. This bag is unreal. I travel with a ton of gear, as does Johnny so we have the 30 L everyday bags, if you’re looking for something a bit more compact you’re going to want to go with the 20L, which has all of the same versatility and design, all in a more compact bag. Buy here: Peak Design Bag 20L or  Peak Design Bag 30L

Daypack. While I’m on the Peak Design train, I should probably talk about the everday sling. HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS, this daypack is the answer to my drone protection prayers. While this sling can be used for just about anything, it fits a mavic PER-FECT-LY. We love to have this wherever we travel so we can just grab our basics and get out to shoot. Whether it is our drone, or a couple spare lenses, this bag is so comfortable and versatile and smart. We’ve used it for hiking, with water, and snacks, and a point and shoot, and even as a diaper bag while we were hiking through Switzerland. Buy here: Peak Design Sling 

Noise Canceling Headphones. You’ve probably heard Johnny say that he is 200% more productive on airplanes, and he would for sure tell you that a large part of that is because of these headphones. While they drive me crazy because he never hears me when I am nagging him throughout the flight, they are his favorite travel accessory, period. Their noise canceling feature is perfect for a quick nap, or to really dive in and get work done. They are both wireless but can be used with a cord as well, and they are comfy as f*(k. Buy here: Bose noise canceling headphones

Airpods. I only the other hand will never be seen without my airpods. I bring them with me everywhere I go, so that I can listen to music, podcasts, get some work done, or hop on a call. These are my favorite accessory period, but especially for travel. They are light, don’t get tangled (praise the heavens for no cords), and tiny so I can keep them on me at all times. I love these so much and will never desert them. Also, I love this case because it protects them against every time I inevitably drop them, which happens more often than I’d like to admit. Buy here: AirPods or Protective case.

Reusable Waterbottle. This is a travel and life essential. I am obsessed with hydration and travel is no exception. You can get so dehydrated on flights, and plus, having a reusable bottle is better for the environment. I love my swell bottle because it is small, and fits into the side pocket of most any backpack. Plus it is beautiful, which is a bonus considering I’m shooting everything we do. Buy here: Swell bottle.

Tablet. Tablet. Tablet. If you’re traveling by yourself or with kids, a tablet increases that experience by 8,000. Yes I made that number up. Flights don’t always have entertainment, so bringing along a tablet saves the day. It also means you don’t have to pack a bunch of books as you can just use the kindle app with most any tablet. We use both a mini ipad, and the amazon fire tablet. The amazon fire is the most budget friendly option, and has most anything you’d need besides the ability to download ANY app (which is helpful with henry, as we want him to be using certain learning apps). The mini ipad is a bit more expensive so probably not best for kids, but is really awesome, and useful for just about any technological need. Buy here: Amazon Fire Tablet or Mini iPad

Rechargable battery pack. I would love to say that I am always ultra prepared, phone charged, tablet charged, life charged, but that is simply not the case. More often than not on travel day I end up with a dead phone upon landing, UGH WHEN WILL I LEARN. I don’t go anywhere without a portable charger, this one is my fave, and has held up to lots of travel and a few drops–ugh.  These aren’t just a travel necessity for me, I also bring one into work or anytime I go into the city. Yeah, I’m just really bad about charging my phone. Buy here: Rav Power Charger.